Les Fleurs du mal

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Somebody should coordinate an annual holiday when people all over the world are encouraged to illegally download Butthole Surfers albums and songs.

Because they shit so massively in their own nests and revealed themselves to be absolute shitheads, it would be a great way to enjoy their otherwise incredible catalog of music.

Wait- never mind the holiday. Every day can be that day.

Before they shit in their own nest (and a few other people’s) and settled for a forgettable chapter in rock’n’roll history as a 90’s one hit wonder, The Butthole Surfers were among the most original and unforgettable bands of the American wave of punk rock in the 1980’s. Their live shows were the things of legend and directly influenced/inspired neighbors north of the Red River, The Flaming Lips.

Here’s a wild, fun, disgusting, and incredibly entertaining short film by Alex Winter (of “Bill and Ted” fame) that is a pretty good document of their music and humor. (Gibby’s first appearance- that look on his face and the flapping wings of hair- still cracks me up.)

Too bad they are some of the lowliest dickheads in the world. Feel free to illegally download them at every opportunity.

Dirty Three- complete “Recovery” ABC-TV session.

If you can spend an hour with this, you won’t regret it.

I’m super happy to hear that Man or Astroman will be down at SXSW this year doing a few different shows. I surely hope to catch one while we’re down that way. They were/are the nicest, hardest working guys and a huge influence on me.