Les Fleurs du mal
RIP Kim’s (at Kim’s Video)

RIP Kim’s (at Kim’s Video)

Sure is hard to focus on only the things you neeeeed when at the closeout store…
…like this Hee Haw alarm clock. #heehaw



Memorial. #brooklyn (at Meeker Avenue)

Memorial. #brooklyn (at Meeker Avenue)

Jackie Mittoo - Elenor Rigby
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Jackie Mittoo- Elenor Rigby

from his 1970 release Now

This is a fun record that gets a lot of love when I DJ. Many great songs but this one, for obvious reasons, generates a lot of conversation. 

The edition I have has the above cover art and is rather cheap in every respect. (Misspells, incorrect track listing, etc.) But I love it so.


Someone has posted the entire record on the Youtube. 

The Sorts - How Did You Get There? Pt. 1 and 2 (Use a Magnet)
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I saw The Sorts (of Washington D.C.) a few times at the end of the 90’s, a band comprised of Joshua LaRue (guitar, vocals), Stuart Fletcher (bass), and Chris Farrall (of Hoover, drums). An incredible collection of talent.

Josh was another huge inspiration for me. His guitar playing was a fantastic mix of funk, jazz, reggae/dub- and used some unconventional techniques that excited the hell out of me. In particular, he would throw in this muted scratch/rake into his soloing and riffing that I subconsciously use all of the time. (Stole. I stole it.)

I messaged him once after stumbling across his profile back in the Myspace days. I told him that I was a big fan and that he was a huge inspiration, then offered to send an audio I had of a gig they did in Louisville. He responded as if he thought I wasn’t serious.

This is the only release they had on them when I saw them at the Sugar Doe Cafe (Louisville, Kentucky) in 1997…? I think. To tell the truth, this single- so obviously dub-inspired- was over my head. But I liked it. I bought every album they released and saw them a few more times before they quietly disappeared.

This rip includes part 1 and 2, as you will likely here where it pauses then resumes.

(Most of their releases are on the Spotify. They were also involved in a project called Sea Tiger that is very similar but, perhaps, a little expanded in scope, instrumentation, and sound. Check that out as well.)

The Black Gang - This is a Prayer
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This is- as far as I know- the lone release by the touring band comprised of Mike Watt (bass, vocals), Bob Lee (drums), and Nels Cline (guitar). This particular lineup only did the final tour in support of Watt’s punk rock opera Contemplating the Engine Room, as guitar duties had previously been filled by Joe Baiza (Saccharine Trust, Universal Congress Of) and Stephen Hodges (Tom Waits) on drums. (Hodges left after the first tour, replaced by Bob Lee of Clawhammer, Backbiter.)

This is probably not a very rare find on the internet but it’s an extremely important record for me. I was playing a little guitar by the time these tours were going on but only considered myself a bass player- and a frustrated one at that. Seeing Nels Cline transformed me and caused me to change my priorities. And maybe that’s not a good thing….but it’s where I went and never looked back.

This is a song written by Cline, released on piss-bottle yellow vinyl on the Kill Rock Stars label. The b-side was Nels covering Captain Beefheart’s A Carrot Is as Close as a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond, plus a “tourspiel” by everybody involved in the “Puttin’ the Opera to Bed” tour. 

The Willis Brothers - Bob
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The Willis Brothers- Bob

A shameless rip-off of Cash’s Ring of Fire, this song still has a great anti-work sense of humor and a nice little turn at the end.

"We both know you’ve got it better than me."

I enjoy it. I hope you will, too.

PS This is my first attempt at ripping some of my vinyl. Let’s see if I have the patience to do this with any sort of regularity.


Bunny Yeager - Bettie Page Standing Nude with Two Cheetahs at Africa USA, Boca Raton, FL, 1954.

RIP Bunny and Bettie


Bunny Yeager - Bettie Page Standing Nude with Two Cheetahs at Africa USA, Boca Raton, FL, 1954.

RIP Bunny and Bettie

A song (and album) that taught me how much fun (and difficult) it can be to drum slowly.





Kristen Schaal telling a joke 

Never forget.

Oklahoma. (Sigh)

As I’m sure you noticed in your latest issue of Oceans, I’m big(ger) in Japan. #oceans #oceansjapan #marltonhotel

As I’m sure you noticed in your latest issue of Oceans, I’m big(ger) in Japan. #oceans #oceansjapan #marltonhotel

This afternoon/evening. #daviddorsey #catcasual #viridianartists #chelsea  (at Viridian Artists)

This afternoon/evening. #daviddorsey #catcasual #viridianartists #chelsea (at Viridian Artists)

Even now, being BUB’s caretaker is “more than a full-time job,” Bridavsky says. He oversees sales, keeps fresh photos and videos online, fields a couple news interviews per week, and every month or so escorts his kitty to a public appearance, often to benefit animal-related charities.

As 2012 continued, then, Memory Map’s future dimmed. But then, with echoes of Spinal Tap, they were beckoned from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Mormons, record stores in Japan, LIL BUB … This Memory Map story has it all. 

Lil BUB and DUDE, as shot by Kelly Mitchell

(via katherinecoplen)

just a reminder that Bub is a proud Indiana cat. midwest pride. 

(via doyourwardance)

Mike is a good man and it makes me damn happy that all of this is happening because of is hard work and sincerity.